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For gentle, patient-focused medical care and procedures including laparoscopic surgery, turn to Cape Cod Surgeons, P.C. of Falmouth, Massachusetts. Drs. Hopewood and Brake have been a part of the community for more than 25 years and are committed to providing you with the high-quality, results-oriented medical care you need and deserve.

Cancer Services

At Cape Cod Surgeons, P.C., our doctors specialize in diagnosing and treating cancers of the breast, colon, stomach, skin, including melanoma and lymph nodes, as well as benign diseases, such as simple and complex hernias, gallstones, hemorrhoids and every kind of lump and bump a person could have.

Our doctors introduced and perform minimally invasive (laparoscopic) colon surgery for colon cancer and minimally invasive (sentinel) lymph node removal for breast cancer at Falmouth Hospital. This remains an integral part of our cancer management system.
Smiling Doctors — Cancer Treatment in Falmouth, MA
Our doctors also perform "band aid" laparoscopic surgery at Falmouth Hospital. Laparoscopic surgery is a surgical technique in which operations are performed through small incisions, as compared to larger incisions needed for traditional open surgical procedures.
Doctor with Stethoscope — Cancer Treatment in Falmouth, MA

Medical Care You Can Trust

At Cape Cod Surgeons, P.C., we can see an outpatient elective consult within one to two days and emergencies the same day. At least one of our doctors is in the office Monday through Friday and always available to answer questions. In an era of medicine driven by speed, an impersonal atmosphere and the bottom line, our philosophy is to provide the highest quality of care with compassion and utmost professionalism. All our patients receive the time and understanding to meet their individual needs and preferences.


We will usually refill prescriptions over the phone. However the law states that some medications, primarily narcotics cannot be refilled over the phone. Therefore you may be required to visit the office. When calling or emailing the office about prescriptions, please have the phone number of your pharmacy as well as the medication's name, dose and frequency.

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